(for the customers who placed an order for Shoes from July 24)

Updated: August 25, 2020

Dear our value customers,

We’re sorry to inform you that your order for shoes will be a little delayed. Due to the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic, our factory lacked raw materials for production, while we also did not have any Sneakers in stock from July 24. Although we received production materials since August 15 and started production from August 17, however due to the large orders from 24th July until now, your order, will be delayed for 2 or 3 weeks as normal.
Below is the expected detailed delivery schedule for all orders:

. + Orders from July 24 to July 31 are shipped from August 24 to September 6.

+Orders from August 1 to August 15 are shipped from Sept 1 to Sept 12

+Orders from August 16 to August 31 are shipped from Sept 6 to Sept 18
+ Orders from August 31 are shipped after 10-15 days from date of purchase

We understand that when you make a purchase, you expect to receive your package on time. We are very sorry to disappoint you, but this is an unexpected problem in the COVID-19 time. Our factory is doing their best. More than ever, we will make every effort to minimize the impact of these delays. Please be assured that your order will go into production immediately after receiving the material and will be shipped by DHL Express / Fedex.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience. From our family to yours, we wish that you stay healthy and safe. If there is anything else we can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email: [email protected]

All the best,